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By O'Meagher, Bert

ISBN-10: 0646363034

ISBN-13: 9780646363035

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In a vehicle If in a vehicle stay with or near your vehicle as it is a source of shelter and water [provided there are no chemical additives in the radiator]. Also it is easier for search parties to locate a vehicle than to locate a solitary human wandering around somewhere in the bush. If you have to leave your vehicle temporarily to search for food or water mark your trail on the ground with sticks or stones so you can find your way back. Otherwise you may find it hard to locate your vehicle once it is out of sight.

Push a stick vertically into the ground 2. Place a stone at the end of the shadow 3. After a wait of 20 minutes place another stone at the end of the shadow 4. A line drawn from the first stone through the second stone will be a west-east line 5. Stand facing the stick with your left foot between the stones and your right foot past the stones on the line drawn and you will be looking north. The shadow stick method of direction finding Note: In midsummer in areas north of the Tropic of Capricorn the shadow stick will be behind you.

Always move downhill from a fire as fires travel faster uphill. Avoid dense areas with heavy fuel such as swamps or creeks. Critical Periods When you have no possible escape you should lie on the ground [bare ground, in a rut or behind a log or rocks] or bury yourself and stay put. Clothing When you realise that you are in danger from a bush fire cover as much exposed skin as you can with any clothing available. Do not use nylon clothing. If your clothes catch fire do not run as this feeds air to the fire, roll on the ground or use items such as blankets to smother the fire.

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