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By Josh Brooman

ISBN-10: 0582223741

ISBN-13: 9780582223745

Perfect subject books to exploit as a whole direction or as supplementary assets delivering in-depth specialize in significant issues and occasions.

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Some rich investors quietly began to sell large numbers of their shares, thinking that some share values were too high. Suddenly, in October 1929, everybody was trying to sell their shares. Panic spread on the Wall Street Stock Exchange in New York as share prices began to fall steeply. As we shall see, this panic brought about the Wall Street Crash . Buyers in a stockbroker's office watch clerks chalking up even higher prices for shares Work section A. Test your understanding of this chapter by explaining the following terms: surplus; tariff; credit; depression.

C. Study the list of share prices above, then answer these questions: 1 . Look back to question B3 on page 2 3 . Which company's shares did you decide to buy? 2 . What has happened to the price of the shares you bought as a result of the Wall Street crash? 3 . Supposing that you did not sell your shares before the crash, how much money have you lost on these shares? 29 PRESIDENT HOOVER AND THE GREAT DEPRESSION New Yark, December 193 1 . A 'breadline' of unemployed men waiting for free food from the Municipal Lodging House The Wall Street Crash of 1929 made the Great Depression in America much worse.

The smoke from Uncle Sam's cigar represents 'easy money' . In what ways could Americans make 'easy money' in the twenties? 4. In your own words, describe what you think is the point of this cartoon. An American cartoon drawn for the Chicago Times in September 1 925 .

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