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Although the climates vary tremendously in the subtropical and tropical regions, the major climatic restrictions found in these regions are heat related: chilling requirement and heat tolerance. Initially, production in tropical zones took advantage of the cooler tropical highland conditions, where traditional medium to high chill cultivars could be grown either directly or with some cultural manipulation to compensate for a lack of chilling. H. Byrne systems were improved. These production systems are exemplified by the double cropping systems developed for grapes and peaches in the warm tropics and continuous production possibilities for berry and peach production in the cool tropical highlands (1,500–2,500 m above sea level) (Clark 2005; Lavee 2000; George and Erez 2000).

HortScience 43, 6–11. Della Strada, G. and Fideghelli, C. (2003) Le cultivar de drupacee introdottee del 1991 al 2001. L’Informatore Agrario 41:65–70. Della Strada, G. Fideghelli, C. and Grassi, F. (1996) Peach and nectarine cultivars introduced in the world from 1980 to 1992. Acta Hort. 374:43–51. Demchak, K. (2009) Small fruit production in high tunnels. HortTechnol. 19(1), 44–49. Dillard, C. J. and German, J. B. (2000) Phytochemicals: nutraceuticals and human health. J. Sci. Food Agric. 80, 1744–1756.

2008). This is reflected in the doubling of items available in the produce section of the grocery store in the USA (Davis and Stewart 2002). This consists of several classes of items: new cultivars of traditional fruit, more exotic fruits, organic versions of traditional fruits, and minimally processed fruits. Many studies have documented the heterogenous nature of consumers and more recently have been characterizing the various flavor classes within a given fruit (Jaeger et al. 2003; Jaeger and Harker 2005; Tomala et al.

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