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Can the meaning of a word be divided into discrete senses without distorting it beyond reason? Large text corpora allow a detailed study of how a word is used, thus enabling us to evaluate the accuracy of dictionary entries much more objectively than before. Lexicographers who have worked with such corpora, and examined hundreds of individual citations minutely in an attempt to find objective evidence for the existence of dictionary senses, report that in many cases The contribution of lexicography 39 such objective evidence simply is not there (Moon, 1987, 1988; Stock, 1984; Atkins, 1987).

Atkins way. One's own reactions to such distinctions often suggest that other interpretations are equally possible: but subjective evidence is rightly suspect. With the advent of electronic corpora it is at last possible to scrutinize enough examples of a word in normal use to allow a more objective evaluation of the accuracy of this approach. Let us look first at the word safety. We find in the corpus2 the following: (1) worries concerning the safety of your gas supply the Center for Auto Safety serious problems connected with nuclear safety These citations suggest that one meaning of the word safety is (roughly speaking) 'the quality of not being dangerous'.

The large annotated corpora described in the previous section will offer significant data to estimate such probabilities. , NP and PP in the earlier annotated example) and statistics on relative frequency of grammar rules can be computed. Such statistics can be used to find the most predictive statistical language models for NLP systems. The probabilistic language models in speech recognition are probably not directly applicable. Typically probabilities of two- or three-word sequences are computed from a corpus of utterances and are used in assigning weights to each alternative rendering of the speech wave into sequences of words.

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