A journey through turbulence by Davidson P., et al. (eds.) PDF

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By Davidson P., et al. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1904191444

ISBN-13: 9781904191445

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Sommerfeld was involved at that time in other war-related research (about wireless telegraphy) and had heard about this problem from a Major whom he had met during a visit in Berlin. “It deals with the drag of a sphere (radius a) moving uniformly through water (density ρ) at a velocity V. 6 Prandtl suspected an error with the assessment of the experimental measurements. 8 The turbulence effect as observed with the drag of spheres became also pertinent for the design of airplanes. The struts and wires which connected the wings of bi- and triplanes were subject to the same sudden changes of drag.

Whether this last distinction had any bearing on Reynolds’ subsequent action is unknown but, later in 1884, he applied for the vacant Cavendish Professorship of Experimental Physics at Cambridge. J. Thomson (then a young man of 27 working at Cambridge, later to become Sir Joseph Thomson, OM, PRS, Nobel laureate and discoverer of the electron). Although it has already been quoted (Gibson 1946, Allen 1970), it is worthwhile repeating part of Reynolds’ generous letter of congratulations sent on Boxing Day, 1884: My dear Thomson, I do not like to let the occasion pass without offering you my congratulations, which are none the less sincere that we could not both hold the chair.

Modelling Fluid Flow (CMFF’09), edited by J. Vad, Budapest University of Technology & Economics, Budapest, 28–40. , 2011. Experimental studies of transition to turbulence in a pape pipe, Annual Reviews in Fluid Mechanics 43, (in press). , 1910. Eine Beziehung zwischen Warmeaustausch und Stromungswiderstand der Flussigkeiten. Phys. , 11, 1072–1078. , 1913. Fl¨ussigkeitsbewegung. In Handw¨orterbuch der Naturwissenschaften, 4, 101–140. , 1949. Early Essex Patents, Essex Review LV1, C17. , 1879. On certain dimensional properties of matter in the gaseous state, Phil.

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A journey through turbulence by Davidson P., et al. (eds.)

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