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Diving systems covered by this manual are grouped as follows: a. Manned Hyperbaric Systems (Includes all recompression chambers, medical treatment chambers, diving bells and saturation dive systems including deck decompression chambers and personnel transfer capsules. ) (1) Afloat (permanently installed in or on a ship, boat or barge) (2) Portable (3) Shore-based (installed or operated within a building or on a fixed structure) b. ) (1) Afloat (2) Portable (3) Shore-based (installed or operated within a building or on a fixed structure) c.

Flotation or buoyancy subsystems where failure or inadequacy could prevent the safe return of personnel to the surface or, once on the surface, to remain there m. Electrical power subsystems which include internal and external electrical protective devices where failure could result in malfunction of a critical component or subsystem or create a shock hazard n. Support vessel handling subsystems and components such as cranes, winches, brakes, cables, and their ancillary equipment used when the system is handled, through the air/sea interface or onboard the support vessel, with personnel aboard 2-4 SS521-AA-MAN-010 o.

Gas flasks, volume tanks, moisture separators, filter housings) 2-20 SS521-AA-MAN-010 (3) Unqualified weld/NDT procedures or personnel (4) Unsatisfactory test/inspection results (5) Damaged or non-operational pressure boundary components (6) Unauthorized system modifications (7) Major system drawing discrepancies (8) Operating and emergency procedures not approved (9) Inaccessible vital compone nts (10) Inadequate re-entry control program (11) Pressure piping chafing on other piping or components such that damage could result (12) Unauthorized sealing compound on pipe threads (13) Lack of emergency power when required to provide sufficient breathing gas from electrically driven compressors b.

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20 MW Magnicon for ILC [tech rpt]

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