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A decade before, they had made some Maxim guns and still retained tooling for them, so an order for 6,000 guns was placed with them immediately after the first British Government order was received. Alas, this did little to relieve Vickers’ awkward position, for three days later the new 12,000gun contract was received! Besides, Colt had yet to tool up for manufacture and were in no position even to guess at a date by when they could begin production on a large scale. com At about the same time (22 November 1915) the United States Government decided to order 125 guns, but fortunately for Vickers, these were to be manufactured under direct contract with Colt.

Fabrication of machine guns became a priority, meaning that after October 1915 skilled men who had enlisted in the Army were released from military service and returned home; even so, this was still inadequate to fill the skills gap, so men working in the textile mills in the north of England were offered bonuses and housing to move south to work for Vickers. Another system was devised so that skilled workers trained their own apprentices and received a bonus of £1 for each successfully qualified worker.

So soon as the machine gunners found the range the enemy fell in heaps, and it was evident that to the Maxims went a large measure of credit in repelling the Dervish onslaught. (Quoted in Goldsmith 1989: 106) So feared were the machine guns that during the later stages of the battle another Dervish force tried desperately to surround and capture the Maxim-gun position on its low mound; the British commander, Colonel Reginald Wingate, managed to repulse the last of the tribesmen when they were only 94 paces (roughly 78yd) from the muzzles of the guns.

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